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The Best Innovative Chinese Multimodal Learning Interactive Textbook

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AI Technology and Smart FLash Cards

Al technology tests learner’s pronunciation. Provides feedback immediately, effectively improves learner’s tone and pronunciation. Build skills and practice vocabulary with customized flash cards. Multiple functions and tools like animated stroke order display with thousands of possibilities.

Practical, Interactive Core Lessons

Engaging, interactive animated storytelling video lessons with high frequency vocabulary, imagery, intonation, pronunciation, melody, text, and data to serve a variety methods for differentiated learning. Interact and practice with Alexa!

Animated Grammar Videos

Easy to search 150+ high quality animated grammar explanation videos. Ideal for audio and video learners.

Global Learning Community

Provide opportunities for all global users. Learners become knowledge makers, create and post projects, share culture and values, engage discussions, make friends. We make learning diversity visible!  

Easy-to-Use Learning Tools The best & unique Chinese Character sheet making tool in the world. Automatically translate Pinyin and English within 1 second. Customized colors, size, grid type.

Speak & Read Fluently Engage in time limited role-play scenarios. Record responses with voiceover function, easily make self-assessments, or submit results to gain teacher feedback.

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